Samsung Slimfit

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Samsung Slimfits came out during a time when the market was starting to shift toward the desire for 'slimmer' displays such as LCD and Plasma. By offering a 30% slimmer CRT (in terms of depth) at a discount price while retaining many desirable features, Samsungs Slimfits became the best-selling digital direct-view CRTs in 2006 taking 42% market share by May of that year.

Slimfits generally struggle with geometry issues such as 'bowing' and other setup issues from the factory such as convergence or purity. As with most CRTs, a good setup using the service menu as well as making the appropriate yoke adjustments has been shown to make a big improvement.

Seen below is an example of a less commonly seen 21" Slimfit assembled in Hungary with a Thomson (RCA) Tube made in Poland. Smaller size slimfits were made for the Eastern European and developing Asian Markets. Generally, the build quality on these is rather low.