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Grundig AG was a German electronics maker, most well known for their radios, home appliances and television sets. It was founded by

Grundig's Logo, used during the prime of their television manufacturing years.

Max Grundig in 1945 as a radio repair buisness and rose up to become a well-established manufacturer of post-war Germany, becoming the largest producers of radios in Europe in the 1950's.  Grundig started making televisions in the 1950's, and was one of the early makers of color televisions in the late 1960's.

Starting in 1972, Grundig became a shareholding company, with Philips N.V. (Holland) gradually having a larger share in the company. By the 1980's, competition from Asian brands forced Grundig to lay off workers. In 1997, they ended their partnership with Philips due to pressure to cut costs. The company declared bankruptcy in 2002, with Beko A.Ş (Turkey) and Alba Group taking them over the following year.

List of TV product lines


Super Color

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